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Who we are

Founded in 1995, D.A. Dodd is a privately-owned Mechanical Contractor specializing in plumbing, heating and cooling, industrial process piping, and sheet metal for clients in commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors in the Midwest. Through innovation we provide solutions our clients can trust.

The Full Story:


Mechanical Contracting

Mechanical contractors are crucial contributors to the construction and upkeep of buildings and various structures. Their responsibilities encompass the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of mechanical systems that ensure the comfort, safety, and well-being of individuals. The mechanical industry offers diverse career opportunities, and there is a promising outlook for those engaged in mechanical contracting. Explore further insights into “What is Mechanical Contracting” by watching the video created by the MCA student chapter.

Build Your Career with D.A. Dodd

Have you ever imagined a workplace where your innovative ideas are supported? Make that dream a reality with D.A. Dodd. Our team is full of thinkers and go-getters that are ready to make a valuable impact on the mechanical industry. 

We believe in doing our best, always. That’s why we start with a solid foundation. For our team members to do their best, they need to feel their best. D.A. Dodd strives to promote a safe, positive work culture that encourages our team to put their best foot forward. 

We’re real, not corporate. Energy and authenticity are at the heart of everything we do- We are proof that quality and fun can coexist in the same workplace. We don’t want to seem biased but working at D.A. Dodd is pretty sweet. You are never just an employee. You are a core facet to our team. Your ideas, talent and potential are going to flourish as you begin your journey with us.

D.A. Dodd reflects their appreciation by providing quality benefits and advantages to help you feel secure in your position.

  • Personal & Professional Growth 
  • Work/Life Harmony 
  • Employee Wellbeing 
  • Open-Feedback Culture 
  • Flexible Work Schedules 
  • Competitive Total Rewards
  • Positive Employment Culture
  • Medical Benefits
  • 401K
  • PTO
  • Paid Holidays

Life at Dodd

We’re people first and we mean it. You will never be just an employee at Dodd. You will always be you, with the opportunity to accelerate your talent and potential. Through responsibility, you can be challenged and set the course for your own future. 

We work hard every day to turn ideas into actions. Our core values are what we believe should guide our behavior even when no one is watching. We strive to improve in all that we do, from selling and marketing our services, managing and constructing projects, to closing out and commissioning our projects.  

We believe the foundation of our success is our people. We’re committed to building and cherishing a culture where every colleague feels welcome, appreciated and heard.

The D.A. Dodd Culture

D.A. Dodd aspires to make work feel much less mundane. Innovation and creativity is the cornerstone of the work we do. A lively atmosphere is necessary to get colleagues motivated to contribute and collaborate.

If you want to know what drives us to provide the best services, take a look at our core values, mission, and vision.

What to expect: from candidate to colleague

Thanks for providing your resume. We’ll review your information and consider your experience for this opportunity. If you’re a fit, we’ll contact you- If you’re not a fit, we’ll still contact you. It’s what we do, we care.

You’ll have a brief “getting to know you” call with HR. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the position and D.A. Dodd. We want to make sure the job and our company match your expectations. 

We use a variety of assessments to better understand a candidate’s communication style, work motivations, and culture preferences. The assessments are one of several components that we consider when evaluating how a candidate will fit within our organization. Depending on the position you pursue, we may invite you to complete an assessment as part of the consideration process. An assessment may be requested prior to your first interview or between interviews.

Depending on the position, you may complete up to two interviews with the hiring manager and/or Human Resources. At least one interview will be in-person. We also utilize virtual interviews to accommodate busy schedules while moving the consideration process forward.

If you’ve reached this phase, nice work! You have been selected as the final candidate for the job. This means we’ve presented you with a formal offer letter contingent on your successful completion of our pre-employment process (thorough background check, drug test, previous employment and education verifications).

Welcome to the Dodd family! We’re counting down to your first day!

Stay in touch

Don’t see the right opportunity? Share more about yourself and we will reach out when a better fit is available.

D.A. Dodd ethics reporting

No matter your position within the company, we highly encourage you to speak up when you feel it is necessary. D.A.Dodd has implemented a whistleblower feature to make tough topics easy to talk about.

If you suspect any kind of misconduct or unethical behavior at D.A. Dodd, please report it via our ethics website or hotline. Our system is provided by Lighthouse to ensure safe and anonymous reporting.