UA Certified Fabrication Shop

Here at D.A. Dodd fabrication is not just a process, but our philosophy. The history of our persistence for fabrication started in 2003. Our fabrication facility was relocated to Lafayette, Indiana in 2018. When this happened, D.A. Dodd created a “One Team, One Goal” vision for fabrication. We use the word fabrication because it is defined as the action and process to construct something. The team at D.A. Dodd understands it takes everyone on our team working together to make fabrication a success. D.A. Dodd analyzes our customers’ projects during design and estimating with the “fabrication” vision to understand our project-specific approach. We look at everything from virtual design, logistics, material handling, schedules, material types, lead times and construction techniques. Our organization has been constantly evolving through innovation and technology to continue to meet our customers’ needs. D.A. Dodd has a UA certified facility including the best trained workforces from the United Association.

 We are equipped to handle a variety of materials and equipment and have found through fabrication the following can be achieved:

Our Fabrication Process

D.A. Dodd’s fabrication facilities are equipped with innovative equipment and technology that allows us to provide the quality and efficiency our customers have come to expect. We have created a fabrication process that incorporates lean manufacturing and construction principles into our project workflows to meet our customer’s unique needs that include schedule constraints, complex construction designs, and safety requirements. 

Our piping fabrication facility is in Lafayette, IN with our sheet metal fabrication facility is in Mishawaka, IN. They specialize in the following 

  • Equipment Skid Packages 
  • Modular Construction 
  • Multi-Trade  
  • Plumbing & Mechanical Pipe Spooling  
  • Fixture Assembly & Packaging  
  • Welding- Stainless, B31.1
  • Sheet Metal