Virtual Design

D.A. Dodd’s Virtual Design Team is the piece that makes the puzzle complete. They connect our construction team, designers, and clients together before installation starts to ensure the quality installation you expect. We utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) to give us an opportunity to build our projects virtually before our project team begins construction. This allows us to increase the communication and collaboration on the project to create a safer, efficient, and cost-effective projest for our customers. Our team utilizes the latest equipment and software solutions like Revit, Navisworks, Trimble robotic total stations, and 3D laser scanners.


We provide our team robotic layout files, dimensioned drawings, and coordinated models for installation. We also provide riser, sleeve, equipment, and hanger point location for precision layout.

Coordination & Clash Detection

We collaborate with all parties to create a coordinated installation by utilizing a model.

Fabrication & Spool Drawings

We collaborate with all parties to create a coordinated installation by utilizing a model.

Design-Build Services

D.A. Dodd’s design-build services incorporate the design and manufacturing processes, providing a single point of contact and accountability for the project’s completion. 

For HVAC, plumbing, piping and other manufacturing & virtual design projects, trust the team at D.A. Dodd for complete and robust design-build services. 

When you choose D.A. Dodd’s design-build services for your project, you’ll receive 

  • A design of project concept 
  • Design Drawings & Renderings
  • Scope of work and estimated costs 
  • Project schedule and selection of resources
  • Team collaboration
  • Reduced costs 
  • Shorter project times
  • The assurance that we meet all code requirements
  • High-quality work 

Our in-house services include engineering, virtual design work, custom fabrication, installation and 24/7 emergency service for heating, cooling, plumbing, sheet metal, piping and other commercial system manufacturing needs. 

Contact D.A. Dodd to learn more about our design-build services today.

Mechanical System Commissioning

The team at D.A. Dodd provides a mechanical system commissioning process to ensure mechanical systems are planned, designed, installed and tested according to plans. This commissioning also determines a responsible party for these systems according to design intent. Reliable mechanical system commissioning reduces project delays, warranty issues, lawsuits and changes and allows for increased business profitability.

Sometimes referred to as acceptance testing, mechanical system commissioning runs the gamut from inspecting, testing, verifying and documenting that mechanical systems perform according to design intent and use needs. We’ll inspect the equipment, piping, ductwork, controls and the entire system as a whole, ensuring the structural integrity of all components.

When you select D.A. Dodd for mechanical system commissioning, you can trust that we’ll check that

  • The system’s installation quality meets industry standards and all required codes
  • The actual design matches design intent
  • The installation is maintainable
  • The installation operates appropriately and efficiently

For coordinating planning, testing, documentation and quality assurance, choose D.A. Dodd for your mechanical system commissioning needs.