New Prairie Building Trades

We are proud of the work students in the New Prairie Building Trade program accomplish. They are mastering trades that are in high demand while gaining practical skills that set them up for success in the workforce. Following are details from Gavin K., a student in the program who worked on the house shown in these pictures: “We actually got to start the year off on the first day of school surveying and marking out the property and it was nice to get right into it. Then the next day, we immediately began digging so we could get our concrete crew to get forms going, which due to weather, ended up taking a few days extra, but overall, it moved quickly, and soon we were able to lay sill plates, put in the beams for the floor trusses, and seal up the crawl space. The floor trusses went quickly once everyone got into their place and got the method down and sooner rather than later, we were connecting all of them together and putting sheeting on them. After that, we started putting the walls up, which should be done here soon. I’ve already learned a lot more than I thought I would. Hite teaches everything we need to know and even some of the behind-the-scenes things that many wouldn’t think about. Also, the safety aspects are thoroughly implemented to ensure everyone takes their time, does the job right, and most importantly is safe.”

Great job to all involved!